AMBER Body oil

A gold, sun-kissed color with an earthy, warm, and woodsy aroma. No wonder this scent can seduce just about anyone. Extremely rare and expensive to extract, the amber essential oil is luxurious and boasts a range of benefits. Up to the present, it’s used as a natural perfume that is spicy and smoky. Amber oil effuses a warming scent, making it a popular choice for cold evenings. The amber scent is what makes this essential oil and blends so popular.

We didn’t stop in just a perfume as we thought about giving our Amber scent another boost by creating the Amber Body Oil. This liquid gold can cost an arm and a leg before but time has changed and we made our Body Oil irresistibly fragrant and pure. 

Aside from the aroma it brings, we also took it in our hands to give the other benefits of this amazing oil.  Amber fragrance oil is known to calm the mind and the alluring scent has been used for centuries until now as an aphrodisiac to boost libido. The oil can also be applied topically to improve relaxation, this scent is long-lasting - the reason why it can relax you for a long while. Perfumers say that because of the earthy undertones of Amber, it can help in grounding your emotions and relieve stress and anxiety. It’s widely used for meditation and yoga to alleviate negative feelings and increase positivity. 

Just imagine massaging our Amber Body Oil after a long, tiring day and just after taking a hot bath. Not only does it take all the stress away but also rejuvenates your skin making it look healthier. 

The sweet, sultry, and silky scent of our Amber Body Oil will inspire romance, make your special someone fall even more for you by giving them a little extra love at the end of their day by grabbing a  bottle now. 

Distill tobacco and a few dark and dirty things with burnished antique jewelry and Amber emerges. Sensual, even carnal. Just like the animals we are.


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Amber Nourishing Body Oil by Brooklyn Perfume Company

120 ml


Cedar | Vanilla
Butter | Sweet
Balsam | Exotic wood
Cocoa | Candy

Contains coconut oil.