Eau Fraîche

Eau Fraîche

Eau fraîche, French for “fresh water”, is a type of body fragrance that is sheer and light. If you want a scent that is just for you, as if just coming out from the shower, eau fraîche is it. Eau fraîche is the top choice for those people who prefer delicate and gentle scents. Since eau fraîche is light in nature, it doesn’t last as long on the skin as a perfume does. Eaux fraîche are popular with those who don’t need a perfume to last into the night.

Body fragrance types differ from each other based on the perfume oils these contain. A true perfume contains 22-30% perfume oil. Eau de Parfum is composed of 15 to 20% perfume oil, eau de toilette has 5-8%, and eau de cologne has 3-5%. Eau fraîche contains the least amount of perfume oil at 1-3%. 

Eaux fraîche also make great air fresheners since the aromas are purely natural and will instantly fill a room. Why live with synthetic air fresheners that smell like those little Christmas trees hanging from the rear-view mirror in taxi cabs? The aromas of eau fraîche subtly scenting a room, never fail to please with their garden-fresh smells, chemical-free and purely natural. 

Because of their fresh and light smell, eaux fraîche are more suitable during the hot, summer days. Eaux fraîche can also be a lot of fun because they can be layered. In this way you can come up with original scents and change your scent depending on your mood. These sparkling scents will immediately pick up your spirit and provide you with energy and vitality. They range in aroma from deeply floral (Neroli), to an herb-scented martini (Galbanum), to deep green (Violet Leaf) and to fresh grass (Vetiver).

Brooklyn Perfume Company’s eaux fraîche are different than most others because they lack aroma chemicals. The only ingredient is the single natural named on the bottle. For example, Vetiver contains vetiver and alcohol, a trace of preservative, and that’s it. They come in 60ml bottles and in four aromas: Neroli, Vetiver, Galbanum, and Violet Leaf. Neroli has a citrusy and zesty scent as it is extracted from the blossoms of bitter oranges, with hints of honey and spice. Vetiver has an earthy and loam scent, evocative of the smell of freshly cut grass on a sunny day. Galbanum eau fraîche has a green and woody scent, reminiscent of being in the middle of a garden full of plants or in the midst of a forest. Violet Leaf also has a green scent, with hints of cut grass, cucumber, and herbs with a bit of floral aroma.

These eaux fraîche are sold in 60ml spray bottles. Each costs $45. 

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