High-quality Perfumes in New York

Brooklyn Perfume Company offers a wide range of fragrant and high-quality products to suit your needs and preferences. It carries great-smelling Hand Sanitizers, Body Oils, Eaux Fraîches, and Eaux de Parfums.  

“Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvelous”, a great perfumer once said. Putting on and wearing a great smelling fragrance can quickly pick up your mood and lift your spirit. Your favourite scent is the last thing you put on to complete your look. Your choice of scent complements your own personality and lends you confidence and poise. 

Our Eaux de Parfums (French for “perfume water”), have a perfume oil concentration of 15 to 20%. This makes its fragrance more long lasting, making eau de parfum fitting for work and special occasions. Most eaux de parfum last four to five hours, so you can still smell it by the end of the day. Brooklyn Perfume Company’s eaux de parfum are available in seven scents: Magnolia, Green Iris, Amber, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musk and Oud. These come in either 10-ml. roll-on or 30-ml. spray bottles. Eaux de parfum one-milliliter samplers are also available of all seven scents. They can be purchased individually, in a set of three, or a set of all seven. 

Hand Sanitizers come in either 30-ml. or 100-ml. bottles, and come in two scents: Geranium and Wild Orange. These “Désinfectants Pour Les Mains” are effective and convenient in combating the spread of viral infection, when soap and water aren’t around.

The Body Oils for moisturizing and soothing the skin come in 120-ml. bottles and are available in four flavors: Amber, Sandalwood, Neroli, and Vetiver. Body oils keep the skin hydrated and are most aptly applied on damp skin right after a shower, during a bath, or anytime for problem areas such as elbows or heels.

Eaux Fraîches, French for “fresh” or “cool” water, have the lightest smell among all of the fragrance types. With just 1 to 3% perfume oil concentrate, their scent is sheer and light. When you have more than one eau fraîche, go ahead and layer them in different combinations. Brooklyn’s Eaux Fraîches come in four scents: Neroli, Vetiver, Galbanum, and Violet Leaf. It comes in 60ml spray bottles, or in a set of 2-milliliter samplers of all four.

On selected products, part of the amount will be donated to the Arts Business Collaborative, which supports The Okra Project on providing great home-cooked and healthy meals to the Black Trans folks.