Rich and Exotic

Rarest Ingredients, Wild Scents

Brooklyn Perfume Company, founded by 7-time James Beard Award winner James Peterson, offers a line of rare, handcrafted personal products for connoisseurs and sensualists comprising seven eaux de parfum, four eaux fraiches, and four body oils.

Lastly, we now offer a refreshingly scented Geranium hand sanitizer for your comfort and convenience.

The scents are eccentric, idiosyncratic, and often animalic, recalling notes of distilled amber jewelry, the sea, flowers, roots, tobacco, and leather.

Eaux de Parfum

Eau de Parfum,
30 ml

beach breeze, ozone, aged tea

Eau de Parfum​​,
30 ml

cedar, vanilla, butter, balsam

light , deep woods, citrus, maple

dissonant, sweet, vanilla, animalistic

floral, iris, violets, musk,


rich, grapefruit, funky,

Seven scents

Seven Intriguing Scents

Be it sexy animalic musks, rich woods and resins, a burst of the ocean, or fresh vetiver and sandalwood, Brooklyn Perfume Company’s eclectic line offers unusual takes on the classics.

Inspired by perfumes of the past, these fragrances are different than any perfumes available today. They contain unusual and luxurious substances such as distilled amber, ambergris, sandalwood, oud, frankincense, and more.

Eaux Fraîches

Four Refreshing Scents

Four Refreshing Scents

An eau fraîche, meaning “cool water,” is a light tincture of aromatic ingredients in alcohol and water. They are made to refresh, lighten, and help begin the day. Spray a little toward the ceiling and stand under, letting the mist fall upon you, or spritz yourself directly in the face (eyes closed) for a burst of clean scent.

Keep in mind that an eau fraîche isn’t as persistent as an eau de cologne, but rather engraves a mental olfactory image that cleanses the spirit and awakens the mind.
Each of Brooklyn Perfume's eaux fraîches smell of nothing but a single natural essence. While evanescent, these lovely aromas unfold in our psyches, leaving an indelible impression of freshness and vitality.

Nourishing Body Oils

Four Nourishing Oils

Moisten your skin with these elegant and sophisticated oils. Based on odorless coconut oil, each is infused with rich natural ingredients. From grassy and refreshing vetiver, to cozy amber, to luxurious sandalwood, these oils convey a gentle, almost erotic, scent. They are long lasting and will scent you throughout the day and into the evening.

“Geranium” Hand Sanitizer by Brooklyn Perfume Company.

Geranium Hand Sanitizer

During these crazy days when we have little occasion to show off our perfumes, Brooklyn Perfume Company is offering désinfectant pour les mains, usually called “hand sanitizer.
This light spray is perfumed with Geranium from Madagascar, opulent, exotic, and complex. The banal hand sanitizer becomes something elegant and alluring.

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