MAGNOLIA Eau de Parfum

An olfactory dichotomy, Magnolia represents death and rebirth. It’s deeply floral, but with an irresistible whisper of funk. Brooklyn Perfume Company’s interpretation of this magnificent flower is intense, yet delicate; long-lasting, but not cloying. Magnolia hides a shimmering complexity and sophistication under a blanket of fresh flowers.

Magnolias originated in America and Asia, from Japan to China to the Himalayas, there are just so many varieties to choose from, well around 200 different types all in all. Perfumers believed that Magnolia has been present millions of years ago and now, a range of stunning fragrances and perfumes are made using Magnolia’s protein-rich extracts. 

Magnolia has been combined with different fragrances such as citruses to give out that strong yet sweet smell. No matter what fragrance it’s combined with, it will always give you a floral vibe that’s always perfect for women to give that extra feminine touch. 

We at Brooklyn Perfume  Company chose magnolia to be one of our scents because of the scent it exudes. We believe that our perfume is one of a kind because of its unique fragrance. Magnolia perfume notes suit people with strong personalities. We drew our inspiration from the majestic beauty of southern charm when magnolias are in full bloom. Imagine, for the first time, the beauty of the magnolia tree in full bloom that leaves a lasting impression from its striking beauty and distinct fragrance. The sun-soaked petals of blooming magnolias on your skin leave a magnificent memory of how the sweet smell of spring lingers through the air from dawn to dusk evoking a clean freshness.

You can use our perfume to showcase your glowing, dusky, and sexy personality. Our perfume is balanced and won’t be overpowering. So, go ahead! Pick our Magnolia Eau De Parfum, pair it with your flawless skin and beautiful personality. You have no idea how great and far a Magnolia Eau De Parfum can take you.


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Magnolia Eau de Parfum is one of the best perfumes for the spring season. This floral fragrance is the start of a lovely story that will make you more attractive when it comes to romance. Magnolia is one of those white floral ingredients that perfumers just love and we are no exception to this! It’s creamily sweet, but with a fresh edge to its petals. 


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Exotic Fruits | Passion Fruit
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