GREEN IRIS Eau de Parfum

Iris is one of the most costly ingredients in perfumery. It is reserved and difficult to bring to the fore. Besides being redolent of iris, our Green Iris is delicious and intensely aromatic, embodying restrained luxury. While it starts out clean and radiant, we soon discover a subtle, provocative darkness lurking below.


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Green Iris Travel-sized Eau de Parfum by Brooklyn Perfume Company

This is probably one of the most known notes in the market and there’s no denying that the Green Iris is an attractive scent. 


The iris grows anywhere from Europe to Asia, as well as the Middle East and northern Africa, but is mainly harvested from Italy and Morocco. Iris comes in various colors, this may surprise you but while the bloom is pretty and colorful, it’s actually the roots called orris where the fragrance is derived. With that in mind,  instead of smelling something more floral, most iris has an aroma of being more earthy and powdery yet sweet at the same time. Yet, our Green Iris Eau De Parfum has a depth to it that makes it all the more sensual especially when you spray it on you. 

Our Green Iris Eau De Parfum has a woody, fresh, and green note which results in a remarkable elegance. You can use it both day and night and on any occasion you need it. What’s even better is it comes in a roll-on size perfume that’s absolutely perfect for travel and also a larger size than you can display and use to your heart’s content.

Iris can be partnered with different scents and notes but we like to keep it as pure and natural as possible for you to appreciate it more. Green Iris Eau De Parfum can make you feel confident and relaxed with yourself all the time. 

10 ml

Iris | Violets
Musk | Ambergris
Green Flowers
Pink Peppercorns

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