Body Oil


Body oil plays a huge role in keeping our skin smooth and glowy. Among the products that’s available in the market to keep our skin really moisturised, body oils are good options. Body oils give all the right and great benefits to achieve and maintain a luminous skin.

Among the many advantages and usefulness of using body oils is helping the body regulate the production of sebum. Since these oils are absorbent as they come from natural sources such as almond, jojoba or avocado, body oils imitate the natural oils found in our skin. Thus, body oils assist to repair and regulate the moisture in the skin and its production of oil. Even on skin that is oily, dermatologists say that putting on body oil helps allay or reduce the skin’s natural oil production since it will not need to overly adjust for the lack of oil (which makes an oily skin). 

Body oil also improves the function of skin which serves as the body’s barrier. Thus putting on oil on the skin regularly makes it stronger as it helps repair itself, and gets generously moisturised as a result. Body oils also almost always contain natural ingredients, thus making it safer to use on a daily basis. Hence, body oils coming from extracts of coconut, jojoba, almond, sunflower, lavender or mint — all of these elevate the experience with the specific scents and benefits of these ingredients found in nature.

It is recommended to use body oil daily, after a bath, as damp skin seals moisture in better than when it is dry. Have it air dried or gently pat down with a dry, soft towel. Body oil can also be put in a bathtub; a few drops in the bath makes the skin softer and more dewy. Body oil can be used when shaving to ensure tug-free hair removal. It can also serve as a special moisture treatment for dry skin problem areas, such as knees, elbows, heels, and even on nail cuticles, to ease and abate dryness.

Brooklyn Perfume Company has body oils that can help provide moisture to your skin to make it smoother and more luminous. It comes in 120ml bottles and in four variants: Amber, Sandalwood, Neroli, and Vetiver. Each variant has fragrance notes that make up the final scent. Amber Body Oil has notes of cedar, vanilla, butter, sweet balsam, exotic wood, cocoa, and candy. Sandalwood Body Oil is light and ethereal, and has hints of deep woods, citrus, green wood, sandalwood, curry, maple, and greengage plum. Neroli Body Oil smells of bitter orange flowers — sweet, with hints of honey, green, and spice, thus citrusy and zesty. Vetiver Body Oil’s scent is earthy, woody, smoky, dry; similar to the smell of fresh grass on a summer day, thus this body oil is more apt or bespoke for a masculine preference.   

All of the four variants contain coconut oil, which is the perfect oil ingredient for skin healing and moisture. Each 120ml pump bottle costs $48.

We look to body oils when the dryness of winter leaves our skin thirsty, or we long to be enveloped in a delicate, uplifting fragrance. Try Amber, infused with rare balsams; or Vetiver, sourced from India, for a green and refreshing experience. Floral Neroli, made with the unrivaled essence of orange blossoms, wraps us in luxurious sweetness; while Sandalwood, amplified by rich and intense frankincense, leaves us breathless for more.

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