SANDALWOOD Eau de Parfum

This fragrance is probably one of the most common scents that consumers and perfumers alike are most familiar with. If you’re someone who’s new to this smell, then you’re in the right place. Sandalwood has woody tones to it. But there’s more to this beautiful and light scent than the name gives away. Men and women would describe it as creamy, earthy, rich, and exotic. This kind of character that Sandalwood has made us choose this special note to be one of our scents in our perfume line. 

Sandalwood Eau De Parfum has an uplifting fragrance with real depth. If you’re looking for a scent that’s distinctly exotic, sweet, creamy, smooth, and warm all at once, then this product is the perfect one for you. 

The amazing thing about sandalwood is that it works wonderfully as a carrier for other aromas. When blended with other woody or earthy scents, it creates an uplifting fragrance with real depth. It works especially well with cedar, rosewood, patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla. So, if you see any of these combinations together – you know you’re on to a winner. 

The Ancient Arab perfumers were seduced by the sweet magic of the Sandalwood a long time ago, and the Indians use it to aid in their meditation that helps still a whirring mind. We believe you would agree with it when you spray it on you.  l. Just as our other perfumes, this scent comes in a roll-on container so you’re ready to use it practically anywhere and any time of the day, and it also comes in a regular size bottle. 

Thanks to its incredibly light, slightly musky finish, Sandalwood  Eau De Parfum happens to be one of our go-to fragrances for summer and fall. It's the kind of second-skin scent that makes you lean in just a little bit closer.


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Sandalwood Eau de Parfum 30ml by Brooklyn Perfume Company

Inherently delicate, it can be trying to coax true sandalwood out. Here, the finest sandalwood is caressed with rare, green Indian vetiver. Frankincense from Oman lends a bright sophistication that helps it last all day and deep into the night.

Light | Ethereal
Deep woods | Citrus
Green wood
Curry | Maple
Greengage plum

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