Musk in Perfumery

There are two main kinds of musk: natural and synthetic. Natural musk comes from a small Himalayan deer which is now endangered. I remember my mother reeking of it, but that was the 1950s.  It may be the most delectable smell that exists.  In later… Read More »Musk in Perfumery

Oud Again

My oud source has again run out—there seems to be no more aku akira—so I’ve had to reformulate using new ouds. I ordered 14 different oud samples and tested them all for balance and longevity. I’m now using Malaysian oud, a Hindi, and another one… Read More »Oud Again

Sandalwood I

Ten years ago, I had a midlife crisis and bought a powerful motorcycle. Instead of slowly building my skills and becoming comfortable with the machine, I’d ride the bike on the FDR drive, the highway that runs along the east side of Manhattan. I would… Read More »Sandalwood I

Ambergris Again

I’m making progress with Brooklyn Perfume Company. Next week, Ricky (a dear friend and current “sales representative”), is presenting the perfumes to several boutiques and, at the least, will be leaving off samples. It feels like we’re entering a new phase. I’m also encouraged that… Read More »Ambergris Again